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Mad Dogs




Parkhouse 10’s  Bromley, last Saturday the Dogs won for the second year running.
Sixteen teams playing in leagues of four with the winners going thro’ to a semi-final then a final.
Dogs Group Matches.
Dogs  v  Hastings & Bexhill  40 – 0
Dogs  v  Westcombe Park   27 – 0
Dogs  v  Sheppey                  34 – 15
Dogs  v Parkhouse                38 – 5
Mad Dogs  v  Rucking Funts     19 – 14

Until the final we were so superior in all aspects of play as the results show and it would be wrong to pick out particular individuals.
Our opponents in the final were apparently an under 21 side from various clubs so they turned out to be rather fast and furious but Ben Buckle (Cranbrook) got the first try for us  with a great run up the wing virtually from the kickoff. Then the tactic was for us to make sure and win the scrums and the breakdowns, as they looked a bit light in the forwards, which we did with our set of lovely mobile forwards.
In the second half Jack Lamb (Maidstone) crashed over down the wing in the corner for us with a well taken try but then Andy Harris put the game away with a typical sidestepping twisting try under the posts in the final minutes.
Two new caps were awarded for the day’s event both went to a Cranbrook player one for a back the other a forward. Christian Earle  &  Jamie Sims.

A great day but the worst attended by Dogs supporters since we have been entering. Those of you who were  watching England’s attempt to try and thrash Wales would have learnt more studying the Mad Dogs team – first to the breakdown with positive results - creative running & passing in midfield – half backs who knew how to get their three quarters going -  first time crunching tackles. 
All in all a wonderful performance,  Chris Catt the captain collected a large cup plus £150 which I took care of as they are of course amateurs !

All the best to you especially those overseas.
Gezz Higgins
01580 754550
07990 577048

P.S – I don’t have emails for a lot of the guys who were playing Saturday
            so can you others who receive this report pass it on.


For more pictures see the news link!





Last week the Mad Dogs toured Portugal – Estoril & Cascais (nr Lisbon) we had 42 tourists with two matches to play. The main match at 12.30 last Saturday followed by the veterans at 2.30 so both matches at the hottest time of day in a stadium of astroturf. Some of the players came off badly grazed.

Mad Dogs won both.

Seniores Sao Miguel  0 – Seniores Mad Dogs  64
Team – F/wards – Mills, Smith, Chidwick, Bunyan, Coles, DCannon, Day, Anthony, McCardle.
            Backs  - Macklin, C.Catt, Charlton, Depoel-Wood, Buckle, Belsham, Lafferty, Santer, Lodge.

Cascais Veterans  12 -  Mad Dogs Veterans  17   ( some of our guys had to play in both matches)
Team – F/wards – Hall, Chantler, Chidwick, Hambridge, DCannon, Anthony, Bunyan, McIvor,
             Backs  -  Charlton, Bermingham, Bates, Lodge, Belsham, Cobby, Dale.

The Dogs forwards in the first match were a highly effective unit –Thanet & Reading props plus Heathfield hooker. These plus an all action back five created carnage which gave the impression of something resembling a haybaler or threshing machine, the way the opposition pack were ejected out the back of the scrum as our forwards progressed up the pitch.
Tries came thick and fast especially when the backs got involved with all the ball won. Belshy’s 17yr old nephew Matt (full back) got three tries. Luke Day (Maidstone) was voted man of the match (cap holder) with his all action wing forward display.

Cascais Vets were expected to be the major competition as we were told that they were a serious Veterans team -European Champions and our guys who had been on the lash for the last two nights were looking a bit frayed especially as some of them had already played in the first match. Our boys rose to the occasion though with Belsham hammering up the wing to score the first try, converted by Sean Bermingham. Cascais then scored an unconverted try so the score was 7-5 to us at half time. Cascais started the second half with a converted try taking their lead to 12-7 the Dogs after considerable pressure drew level with an unconverted try by Forest Santer. We were then set at 12–12 but our boys weren’t about to give up and dug deep in the last minutes with an aggressive handling attack, Nick Bunyan breaking thro’ the middle was tackled but offloaded to Dave Anthony who fed Gary Cobb on the wing who managed to smash his way over in the corner to win the match!
Dave Anthony was voted man of the match (cap holder) especially as he also played so well in the main game.

I would have to say that the man of the match in both games but already a capholder - the Team Captain  - - Sean Charlton (Maidstone)

The Dogs next challenge is to defend their Parkhouse 10’s title on Saturday 13th August at Parkhouse RFC, Bromley, Kent.
So come and support.






The boys have done it again winning the Parkhouse 10's never losing a match, taking home a lovely cup plus £200.
The 10's is played in four groups of five teams the winners of each group going forward to semi finals, then the final.
The Dogs played as tens should be with quick aggressive tackling, moving the ball wide using our pace men, although I think all the team were pace men.The Dogs were a joy to watch and difficulty was had by current cap holders in selecting two cap winners. The forward winner was Rory Gower and the back's winner James Smith. Hugh Aldwick in the backs was worthy of mention scoring 10 tries thro' the tournament. Two team players were sons of past Dogs, Rory Maddocks & Chris Catt.
One question mark over the tournament was a French referee that we had twice who was, to put it nicely, rather poor. Apart from sin binning two of our guys and not letting the games flow he spent more time illustrating diving over the top by practising his butterfly swimming stroke. As one onlooker stated it seemed like watching 3 mins of rugby and 7 mins of refereeing. Mad Dogs support was as usual wonderful.   
Dogs group matches
Dogs v Old Dartfordians      31-12
Dogs v Old Beccehamians 19 -12
Dogs v Becc's baba's          45 -5
Dogs v Westcombe Park    12 -5 
Dogs v Hastings & Bexhill   24 -14
Dogs v Parkhouse        26 - 0
Great day




Some of you may have seen the extremely sad story in most of the daily papers last Tuesday 20th July of  Tony  (Royals) Nicklinson, many of you know him well.
A Cranbrook & Mad Dog rugby player in his youth he suffered a stroke five years ago which left him near complete paralysis and only able to move his head and eyes, no speech.He can communicate by nods and blinks.
Royals who lives in Wiltshire is wanting to end his life with voluntary euthanasia but has launched a land mark legal case to ensure that his wife is not prosecuted for murder.
Royals was a great guy full of fun and a wonderfull Mad Dog member. I hope he gets what he seeks.




I have been asked to get some Mad Dog sweat shirts in. (See above Dark Blue or Grey £22).

The blue sweats will have red head,gold lettering. (Could have grey head) and in the much improved new tidied up logo. The greysweats have red head, gold lettering old style logo.

Sizes - L40/42. XL42/44. XXL44/46. 3XL46/48. 4XL48/50src=/UserFiles/image/Mad%20Dogs/Sweatshirts.jpg

 Our sweats are good quality and are popular for golf, sailing, shooting, gardening sitting round the barbie, and decorating the house.

 Two benifits to the club is that £4 from each shirt will go to the club funds which now stands at £27.37 plus owing me for Rugby shirts.We also need £225 to enter the Parkhouse 10's this August 21st. = £75 entrance & £150 deposit refundable, the latter I will pay.


We have competed twice before, winning once and runner up the second time so we want the title back this year. Only one snag this year no prize money, as Parkhouse are donating it to the Help for War Heroes Charity  -- so a good cause !

 Hope to hear from you.



 PS. I can also get Dark Blue Polos if required same logo - £12 - L44". XL48". XXL52"




src=/UserFiles/image/Mad%20Dogs/McArdle.jpgThe Mad Dogs have one of our guys presenting a wreath at the Cenotaph Remembrance Day ceremony this Sunday on behalf of the Royal Marines.

Captain Chris (Maca) McArdle of 45 Commando from Cranbrook escaped injury when his Viking armoured vehicle detonated a roadside bomb in Helmand Province fotunately he was uninjured.

Chris was a tourist with the Dogs when we visited Cyprus in 2005 and was a major contributor to the enjoyment of our tour, especially when he was heavily disciplined at our players court - - The penalty for being rude to the club captain was to eat a freshly cooked rat which to be fair he accomplished at speed and with relish, although John Hemmings (ex Para) finished off the head.

Another Mad Dog from the Cyprus tour & Cranbrook player Lieutenant Danny Benstead of Royal Anglian Regiment went out to Afghanistan only last month so I'm sure you will join me in wishing them both well.

Well done Chris I'm sure we will be watching out for you on Sunday.





The Mad Dogs played Dingles CC. at Peasmarsh, Nr Rye,Sussex. - they are a private club run by Rob Shackleford who has his own lovely pitch next to his house.

The match was a 30/30 overs event and the laws were changed slightly eg; Nobody out first ball, No LBW, A six if you hit one of the two grand Oak trees on the ground which our Dogs players did frequently enough to win the match by two wickets.

Dingles batted first and made 138 our bowlers who took the major wickets were Nick Reed and Will Clarke.The Dogs then sent out some big hitters Robin Gibson,Peter Jovanovic,Joe Ditton,Matt Bates and Andy Clarke who was the top scorer with 50 but had then to leave the game under another ruling (any player who hits 50 goes).

Unfortunately our scorer Nick Reed who was due to bat last was the only player who didn't get to bat for which he was ribbed unmercifully.

The teams & supporters were all invited across to Rob's house for tea and what a tea it was, hot dogs, ham pies, jam&cream scones plus a selection of cakes to die for.

We hope the fixture will feature again next year if only for the tea !





Parkhouse 10's 2009


Unfortunately we didn't win this year we came second in our group of four, the results were as follows:

Dogs 29 - - Old Dartfordians 0

Dogs 49 - - Parkhouse 2nds 0

Dogs   5 - - Honourable Artillery Company 22

The HAC who were a well drilled side then went forward thro' the semis to the final winning the main competition. The Dogs went into the semi of the plate competition against Kings College London beating them 50 points to nil. Then into the final which we were expecting to win but after a well fought match we were beaten in the final minute. Dogs leading by 17 points to 12  O Dunstonians scored a try which they converted, winning by two points. 

The score Dogs 17 - - Old Dustonians 19.

Throughout the day the Mad Dogs played some superb rugby great passing and aggresive tackling especially at hitting the receiver on the kick offs but both the sides who beat us were well organised especially the HAC.

The Dogs supporters were the largest & noisiest group on the touch line and by tradition two Dogs men of the tournament were awarded caps, one for a back and another for a forward. 

Back - - Will Ballard (Gravesend)     

Forward - - Will Kane (Oxford University & Cranbrook) 





I'm ordering some more Dogs rugby shirts for some guys if any body wants one please let me know soon with size

"42"/"44" - "46"/"48" or "50"/"52"



Thought you may like to view the trip some of the boys ( Belsham.Clarkie, Gary Jones, Bigbird & James Kent their host) made to the International Golden Oldies Tournament held last week in Bermuda. I was supposed to go but pulled out purely on the danger to my liver trying to compete with the above on the alcohol front who are about twenty years younger than me.
Clearly they had a great time the British lions won beating South Africa.

Some other news for you guys I have been told there is a Mad Dogs bar in San Antonio, Texas and it has one of our rugby shirts up behind the bar. It was Belshy who gave the shirt and the owner said there would be a free drink for anybody wearing an item of Dogs clothing who visits.
Also a new rugby club has started in Battle,Sussex called "1066 Conquerors"
at the moment they are only playing friendlies & vets so I think we can give them a go one Sunday after Christmas.

All the best



The Dogs visited Bromley last Saturday to defend their title and lost in the final to O. Eltamians 1st team by 14 points to 7 points. The match was seven points each right to the wire when O.E's scored a converted try to win.

Dogs results thro' the day were as follows. - The tournament involved sixteen teams in four initial leagues.

Mad Dogs - 12 v Park House 1st - 0
" " - 17 v Erith - 5
" " - 20 v O. Eltamians 2nd - 0
Semi Final.
Mad Dogs - 12 v Reading Badgers - 0

Mad Dogs - 7 v O.Eltamians 1st - 14

The Dogs team who were mainly Cranbrook with three from Maidstone, one from Beckenham, played brilliantly throughout the tournament maintaining a great defence only leaking five points in the first five matches and then of course two tries in the final. - Therefore a total of 68 for -19 against.
The final match could have gone either way with just a couple of mistakes letting the opposition in
Support for our team was again considerable and great to see Deano, Alan Gosney, Phil Hodges & Maddocks turning up.

An interesting point which makes our loss in the final somewhat more palatable is the fact that we have since found out that three of the O.Eltamians team were Blackheath 1st teamers. This came to light when they were spotted playing the following day Sunday for Blackheath in a preseason event against Thanet & Rosslyn Park.

01580 754550
07990 577048



Various mumbles are filtering through from the rampant Dogs tour to Malta and hot off the press is the first snippet from Gez:


The Dogs have just returned from a very successful tour to Malta. We took 47 guys and played two matches. The first on Saturday was the main one against the best side on the Island Stompers TGI Friday who we beat 26-7 and then on
Sunday a Vets match against Malta Marauders who hadn't lost a match for three seasons & only went down a week ago by five points to Reading Rhinos (claimed to be the best Vets side in UK ?) - Well as the report from this weeks Times Of Malta (see below) states they got savaged by the Dogs 38-0.

Please remember these matches were played in 80 degree heat and the Dogs team were an ad hoc side who had been on the lash for three days and nights. I like the nonsense about us drawn from four top London sides, in fact three teams were represented Cranbrook, Maidstone and Thanet Wanderers; also whats this about late hits on the blind side and twenty extra subs ? - all sounds of sour grapes.

I will be sending out my match reports later but thought you guys would like this as soon as possible.




Rugby - Veterans season - Marauders savaged by Mad Dogs

Last weekend, Malta Marauders lost their second game of the veterans season, 38-0 to Mad Dogs RFC, a touring team drawn from four top London sides.

It was clear from the outset that Mad Dogs were in no mood for a sociable contest at Marsa and adopted a win-at-all-costs approach right from kick-off. A series of late hits on the blind side of the referee throughout the game marred what was billed as a 'friendly'. Mad Dogs were fit, well-organised and played to their strength, namely, the rolling maul.

Marauders' lack of match practice as a unit was soon exposed in set pieces, particularly at line-outs where they were missing three key players through injury. The backs were also lacking their usual cutting edge. They were not helped by having to play off the back foot for most of the game. A series of unforced errors in both the backs and forwards allowed Mad Dogs to turn over possession and score three tries in the first half, two of them converted.

No inroads after the break, Marauders forwards started to play with more cohesion and won clean ball in the scrums, which kept their try line safe for 20 minutes. Unfortunately for them, the backs were unable to make inroads into the
visitors' watertight defensive line.

In the last quarter, injuries started to take their toll on the home side and Mad Dogs, who had the pick of 20 extra players as substitutes, ran in two further tries. They were awarded a penalty try, all converted.

Man of the match for Marauders was Charlie Sammut with Roland Stevenson running him close. Phil Felice also had a solid performance up front.

Match reports:

Stompers 7
Mad Dogs 26
See attached for Malta Today Sunday paper report.
The Dogs main match was against Stompers TGI Friday who we were told was the top team in Malta. Our experience in playing in other hot climates has shown that the locals just love to run the ball and rely mainly on speedy backs to do the damage and if you have good British forwards and hard tackling backs then the opposition don't get the ball & your ok. This was the case in Malta.

From the kick off the Dogs meant business with "DC" Darren Cannon Thanet big 2nd row hitting the opposition receiving prop, putting him out on the sidelines with a bent nose.
The first half continued with powerful play from the Dogs forwards with Alan Easter the Thanet No 8 scoring a pushover try and then Ron Connell another Thanet man who had come on as substitute at prop for a short while for Whitehead, scoring a tremendous robust try from a rolling maul. Half time at 12-0.
The second half was more of the same with the Dogs backs starting to get into their stride using the useful ball provided by the forwards, this was brought to a worrying halt midway thro' the second half when the Dogs winger gave an interception pass to the Stompers centre who went under the posts. While the conversion was taken a number of mature Dogs supporters ran onto the pitch and administered a severe kicking to said winger a Mr G.C. from Cranbrook - well deserved was the opinion in the bar afterwards.

In the second half strong defence from the Stompers held back the inevitable for a short while but then a great scrum pushover try with Easter scoring and then a lovely jinking try from scrum half "Scrappy" Phil Metcalfe off the back of a scrum in front of the posts sealed it all. The two drop conversions excellently taken by Chris Catt.
Apart from those mentioned above all the young members of the team played extremely high quality rugby which must bode well especially for Cranbrook in the future.

One other point if you go to www.maltarugby.com then click on our teams at the top then Stompers then Stompers web site at bottom it plays their club song which is unfortunately for them - - - " Who let the Dogs out "

Malta Marauders - 0
Mad Dogs - 38

An interesting match this and a very sour grapes report in the Times Malta. First of all the Marauders wished to play Goden Oldies scrummaging rules (probably put off by watching our previous days game) then it was noticed after about five mins that they had 16 guys on the pitch. The Dogs again started strongly with the forwards intent on demonstrating their power with DC, Bigbird, Scotty, Bunyon & Connell to the for.and it became clear that the Marauders had no real answer to the Dogs front five.
Franie Briley opened the scoring having only just arrived that morning from the UK picking up a pass and skimming thro' what seemed like the the whole field and going under the posts.
From here on and especially in the second half the Marauders were trying to stem the flow and the Dogs backs Bates, Mike Catt, Shawn Charlton started to use the good ball delivered by the forwards, Tries were run in by Cobby, Churcher, Charlton & Bunyon plus a penalty try given when Luke Day was tackled without the ball just as he was about to collect and score in front of the posts. Matt Bates scored four conversions.
Due to the heat of 80 degrees four 15mins quarters were played and rolling subs allowed, the Dogs using no more than the opposition. By the end I think the opposition had wished they could have kept the extra man on the pitch.

Any stories, comments, etc please address them to Gez!


Mad Dog shirts at a premium!

Mad Dog shirts are unique & not sold to anyone, only to those that have played for the Mad Dogs. To emphasise this latter point it's worth recounting the true incident when a group of us Dogs went to the Hong Kong 7's some years ago and Robin Strutt as is his want went off on his own and ended up getting juiced one night with the well known All Black winger Stuart Wilson who was staying in our hotel, both were wearing rugby shirts, Wilson an All Black one & Strutty a Mad Dogs. Wilson offered his as a swop for Robins which he did but the next day Strutty remembered his mistake and went to Wilsons room and demanded an exchange back telling him that he couldn't have the shirt because he hadn't played for the Dogs.
Stuart Wilson exclaimed " but I've given you a genuine All Blacks shirt " Robins response was " well I can buy one of those off the rack" and took his Dogs shirt back.


Down under!

Another bit of news! One of our Mad Dog stalwarts, Gareth Knight (Anchorians), found himself playing this July in the Sydney Suberbs League, Australia for a team called Killara Raiders against a team Sydney Convicts who happen to be the Gay World Champions having won the title last year in the USA. He said his team was stuffed (presumably he meant on the pitch?) and when he late tackled one of the opposition the guy called him a ****, which Gareth thought was sort of appropriate (the missing word rhymes with one of the following, twit, front or back - no prizes for guessing which one). I'm sure he kept his back to the wall in the shower and was very nervous when he dropped his soap !


Mad Dogs bite back!

Parkhouse 10's South London - August 2007

The Dogs are back and what a glorious day with 14 teams entering the competition resulting in one winner. - Mad Dogs 27 - Charlton Park 12. They won the trophy plus £250 quid, which I have since heard was consumed over the bar at the Swan, Sutton Valence that night.

The Dogs didn't look like ever losing a game and what a team the puppies were. The oldest in the squad of 15 was 22 years old and five of the team were sons of Mad Dogs. Game results below:

Group stage.
Dogs 48 - 0 Parkhouse 3rds
Dogs 26 - 0 New Ash Green
Dogs 5 - 5 Erith

1/4 Final: Dogs 51 - 0 Badgers (last year’s winners from Reading)
Semi Final: Dogs 38 - 0 Aylesford Bulls.

Final: Dogs 27 - 12 Charlton Park

Total Points for 195 - Against 17

The supporters all agreed that the Dogs played the most fabulous rugby of the day with hard committed tackling coupled with aggressive lines of attacking and it would be wrong of me to pick out any specific players for plaudits as they were all stars.

Considering that our team is an invitation side (drawn from four clubs Cranbrook, Maidstone, Westcombe Park & Saracens) who haven't played together before but were up against club first teamers, the result was all the more satisfying. The Erith result was an aberration but decisions on the pitch didn’t go our way, which our supporters were quick to point out!

The Mad Dogs had the most vociferous support on the touchline with about 30 traveling supporters. It was nice to see Tanks, Phil Hodges, Tony Clarke & Pete Maddocks of the Anchorians along to relive old times. Tanks of course back at Sutton Valence led the singing in his inimitable style showing the Pups what that side of a Dogs event is about plus Strutty illustrating what punishment can be expected if you lose your Dogs cap - - assumed the fetal position and received a serious kicking in the pub car park by about twenty guys (I have just seen him down in town today (Monday) & he can't climb his ladder)

So thanks again to the lads for giving us old Dogs a superb day to remember and sorry you guys who didn't get along to support.

Event report by Gez Higgins